What they’re saying about The Fourth Musketeer…

“The original book was informative, but lacked the visual punch of more modern “coffee table” books. This defect is corrected by the publication of this stunning, and I do mean stunning, anniversary publication.The original text is now illustrated with a myriad of rare images, many not previously published, or not published since the 1920’s. It is a visual feast…. The layout of the book is quite simply magnificent and you get to see rare photos and rare items like the spreads showing the deluxe programs for Robin Hood (1922) and The Thief of Bagdad (1924) when Fairbanks was at his peak both physically and artistically.”

“Publisher Rowan & Littlefield’s new edition of their classic Douglas Fairbanks: The Fourth Musketeer … gives a new generation an invaluable opportunity to step back in time and discover how movie stars and moguls were made in an era before digital effects and global entertainment conglomerates. As the original action hero and swashbuckler in such films as The Mark of Zorro (1920), The Three Musketeers (1921), Robin Hood (1922) and The Thief of Bagdad (1924), Fairbanks set a bar for which even present-day action stars continue to strive.”

Wade Major


“Originally published in 1953, the newest edition of The Fourth Musketeer has been taken to the next level by Kelley Smoot, daughter of Letitia Fairbanks. Numerous rarely seen photographs that create visuals to go along with the text have been added, many coming from archival collections and family archives. In addition, Smoot’s carefully researched photo captions provide even greater insight into the already rich history of Fairbanks’ life and career. Smoot has also re-packaged the book in a new sleek design with an iconic image of Fairbanks sitting atop a roof with his bow and arrow like a modern day Robin Hood on the front cover, making it a great book to add to your coffee table or shelf display.”

Elizabeth Lynn